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Custom Photo Garden Grandmother Grandchildren Sunflowers Vintage Metal Sign//Wooden Signs
Custom Photo Garden Grandmother Grandchildren Sunflowers Vintage Metal Sign//Wooden Signs
Custom Photo Garden Grandmother Grandchildren Sunflowers Vintage Metal Sign//Wooden Signs
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Custom Photo Garden Grandmother Grandchildren Sunflowers Vintage Metal Sign//Wooden Signs
Custom Photo Garden Grandmother Grandchildren Sunflowers Vintage Metal Sign//Wooden Signs
Custom Photo Garden Grandmother Grandchildren Sunflowers Vintage Metal Sign//Wooden Signs
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Custom Photo Garden Grandmother Grandchildren Sunflowers Vintage Metal Sign//Wooden Signs


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Any car photo transformed into a beautiful vintage style metal tin sign. Capture every glorious detail of your chosen car photo with personalised text top and bottom. Simply message me after placing your order and attach your highest quality image.

A fantastic gift idea for the car lover in your life. This beautiful retro/vintage style metal sign will brighten up any garage, workshop or home.

An imaginative way to display your chosen car photo, this authentic vintage looking metal photo print will sure to raise a smile and will be cherished for years to come.

The lightweight metal sign will fit into a standard A4 envelope so is a great letterbox gift solution.

The vintage sign is both durable and weatherproof so can be displayed in any chosen location from the garage, workshop to outside in the garden, basically anywhere!

For that added vintage authenticity the metal sign has a rusty weathered look and a hole in each corner. The metal sign can be simply placed on a shelf, hung using the top two holes with string or screwed to the garage wall, shed etc..

The personalised car sign can be made in portrait or landscape orientation to suit the provided photograph and is finished in full colour or black and white again dependant on the photo provided.

Some cropping of the image may occur to enable best sizing of the image and the font size may alter to suit the aesthetics of each piece.

If you choose text ensure there is enough space above and below the main subject.

  • Material: Heavy gauge aluminum
  • Size:
    - 20*30cm / 8 x 12 inches
    - 30*40cm / 12 x 16 inches

Made from
Aluminum metal sheet, which is very durable and will not deteriorate over time. The surface can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and is suitable for outdoor use.

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